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Big performance wins by optimizing fonts
published on Mozilla Hacks
2013-03-19 · Geekcore

"Another contribution to the Identity team's node blog series.
This time, talking about font subsetting and connect-fonts, a sweet
little middleware that serves up i18n'd subsets for you, plus
manages CORS headers and generated CSS @font-face declarations."

@font-face links for the connect-fonts article
2013-03-19 · Geekcore

"Support material for connect-fonts article: a sparsely-annotated
list of @font-face links."

simple horiz-bar graffage
2013-03-19 · Geekcore

"d3.js material taken from a tutorial and extended. Used to generate
the horizontal bar graphs in the connect-fonts article, and made public
in the hopes that someone else can do something with it."

Caching dynamic content with etagify
published on Mozilla Hacks
2013-02-20 · Geekcore

"First blog post for a significant audience. Part of an
ongoing node.js series by my team at Mozilla, the Identity
team. The concrete example was an intro to connect-etagify,
the broader themes were:
  * to build simple libraries, focus on the problem at hand
  * measure your optimizations & use stats to test your measurements"

All about ETags
2013-02-20 · Geekcore

"Support material for the etagify article. Originally, I'd
planned to include material on statistics and on HTTP caching,
but this 1000 words came out to streamline the main exposition.
I cover some pretty far-out applications at the end, like
optimistic concurrency via conditional PUT."

Backup your tumblr with wget
2012-12-21 · Nerdcore

"After the instagram TOS drama, I decided to download
my old tumblr photoblog. Rather than just google for
somebody else's one-liner, I read the wget man page,
like a Real Neckbeard. It was surprisingly fun; I took
notes along the way and and threw them in a Gist for
the sake of future searchers."

"Classified under nerdcore because it's not really geeky
enough to compare with the spooky PLT stuff below ;-)"

fontbomb: somebody else's code, annotated
2012-07-07 · Code

"Fontbomb is a clever little project with a surprisingly
well-written codebase. I had nothing to do with it and
don't know the author, but I really enjoyed looking
through the code--surprisingly well-written, for what
looks like a fun little one-off project. I'm publishing
my notes here as an experiment in public obscurity."

JavaScript dependency management: an epic interview question
2012-06-23 · Geekcore Incomplete

"Building a dependency manager in JS touches on a lot of
interesting areas you might want to cover in a programming
interview, and it's a practical enough problem that people
without a comp sci background could still have fun and
make headway. I've never been asked this question, and
since I'm publishing my discussion about it, I'll never
ask it, but I think it's a cool problem, which is why
I'm sharing it. The only thing missing is that my formu-
lation of the problem doesn't test for DOM knowledge, but
it's easily a big enough task to fill an hour with good discussion."

Front-end architecture tradeoffs
2012-06-22 · Geekcore Incomplete

"There's a lot of talk about lightweight vs heavyweight
approaches to writing front-end code, but evangelists
don't talk nearly as much about which problems are best
solved by their favorite tool or framework. This is a
first pass at listing the factors to consider before
choosing the tools to use in building a given project."

Re-entrant Exceptions in JS
Last updated 2012-06-13 · Geekcore Incomplete

"If you explicitly control the call stack, then you can
fire a missing method exception, create the method, then
resume execution. I learned about this through Smalltalk
TDD literature. I've always wanted it in JS. So, here's
an exploration of what it takes to get there."

some jQuery components from meebo days, pulled from the CDN and annotated
2012-06-11 · Code

"todo: find some YUI components and post those (much more interesting JS)"

There's a Bluebird in my Heart: combinators in JS
Last updated 2012-06-10 · Geekcore Incomplete

"JS coverage of birdie characters from _To Mock a Mockingbird_."

RSVP, email simplified
Last updated 2012-06-08 · Producty Ongoing

"Rethinking email; this is a running draft of a product concept. When
it feels coherent enough, Ill start building it out."

Functional Programming, thoughts
Last updated 2012-05-31 · Geekcore Incomplete

Code Equals Data Equals Code: JS metaprogramming
Last updated 2012-05-31 · Geekcore Incomplete

"If you keep things simple, going from code to data and back is tractable."